Ethnic Weddings


Orthodox  Jewish Wedding/Reception Package

starting at $2,500.00 plus tax.


A.    Pre wedding activities on location where the wedding/reception is to take place.

  1. Parts of the Brides dressing room.
  2. Parts of the Grooms dressing room.
  3. Parts of the formal photo session.
  4. The Tish.
  5. The Bedeken.


B.    The Wedding Ceremony.

  1. Two camera coverage with operators.


C.    The Reception.

  1. Split dance floor coverage of Hora with two cameras and operators.
  2. Coverage of toasts and other scheduled events.
  3. Including 2nd  set of dancing.
  4. Capture of the Benching.


D.    Also included in this package;

  1. 40 picture Video Montage over a musical background of your choosing.
  2. Highlight Segment of the day over a musical background of your choosing.
  3. Three copies of the edited version of your Precious Memories video album with interactive menus in an attractive vinyl case with printed album covers.

We start our coverage at the Wedding/Reception location with pre wedding activities and we end our coverage with the capturing of the Benching ceremony. In this package we charge by the event and not by the hour. Call now for your free consultation.


Please contact us for a price quote in regards to your “Ethnic Wedding. Wedding traditions are as varied and complex as the countries that they originated in.  Most  involve much more time allocation for coverage then that of the traditional Christian weddings of this country. Some Ethnic Weddings involve three days of coverage while others extend pre wedding and post wedding activities with elements significant to their cultures. We will need to talk to you about your Ethnic Wedding plans in order to discover the applicable time needed for us to capture all the essentials of your event. May it be Asian, Jewish, Hindu, Chinese, Greek or many distinctive others, we would be honored to customize a wedding day package fitting to your  most wishful desires.