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40 Picture Montage

We will scan your 40 photographs and up load your music (you supply the photographs and the music to be used) and we will create one copy of the video montage in the DVD format presented in a vinyl case with printed cover.

You may choose the text to be displayed at the beginning and at the end of the montage and also, the picture with text to be used on the album cover.

A 4 to 5 minute song works well with 40 photographs however, if you are planning on more  than 40 photographs we may need additional music from you. Each photograph should view for at least 6 seconds making it very easy to determine how much music you will need. Just take the total number of pictures and multiply that number by 6. Then take that figure and divide by 60. This will be the total number of minutes you will need to fill with music. If you have any questions at all please contact Jim or Jean at 253-854-9934 or E-Mail at Thank you for your interest in us.

Our 40 Picture Montage is $98.00 plus tax. Each additional photograph beyond 40 is $1.00. Each additional copy is $14.98 plus tax.